Food: We feed a variety of high end foods such as Taste of the Wilderness, Blue Buffalo, and Diamond Naturals.

Water: Use Bottled water for the first week and slowly add your water to change over to your water. Our water is pure spring well water with no additives.

Bathing: We use Adams flea and Tick (for Puppies) Shampoo or Johnsons Baby Shampoo. We use Biogroom ear cleaner each time I bathe. Make sure you keep the ears clean and dry.

First Days Home: Give your puppy time to adjust just like he/she was a new baby. Don’t overwhelm your puppy with too much excitement right away. Take time to bond with your new baby. You do not have to share so much right away!

Jumping: Never let your new puppy jump off high places such as couches and beds. You can place a pillow or padded stool for them to use. DO NOT drop them down to the floor from waist level, place them gently … all the way down to the floor. Their little knees (patellas) need to be protected as they grow.

Do not allow children… or adults to run with the puppies…. Be careful as they are fast to get under your feet and can be injured if stepped on. You can be injured if you fall over them!

Any questions or concerns…. Call us at 828-734-5573.

Potty Traing Tips

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