Shipping your Entlebucher


Yes we do ship puppies. They have to be 8 weeks old and have a current health certificate. The crate they fly in is small and will only work for the puppy for a couple weeks since they grow so fast. Delta Pet First does a really good job handling the dogs. They fly out of Augusta Regional, through Atlanta and then onto their destination. Not all airports accept pets so please check with us first on assuming that your airport takes dogs. Also certain Delta airports have environmental controlled areas for pets and can take them no matter what the weather is like, but some do not and we have to work around extreme high and extreme low temperatures.

Pet Q & A from Delta:

Carry On Info from Delta:

Shipping Policy
When puppies are shipped, we make every effort to make the duration as short as possible. The pups are made as comfortable as possible. The airlines regulate kennel size and type but the pups have enough room to stand up, turn around and lay down. Shipping is paid for by the new owner. On top of the shipping cost of a crate, airfare and health certificate, the airlines offer insurance which is very inexpensive. We strongly recommend this is the most unlikely chance that something was to go wrong in shipping. We will make this option available to you before making the airline reservations. Once the puppy is delivered to the airport, ownership of the puppy resides with the new owner.

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